Why Do We Need Hope?


Hope is so much more than just a word. It immediately evokes feelings inside when we hear or speak it. So what is hope?


The dictionary says Hope means to expect with confidence. That’s a pretty good way to describe it but there’s more. Hope isn’t always positive. People often have false hopes. Sometimes we hope for destructive things. What if we put our hope in something or someone that lets us down?

So why bring up all this talk about hope?

Because having a positive sense of hope for your future is vitally important to every area of your life. You can’t advance in your career without hope. You can’t establish fulfilling relationships without hope. You can’t discover your purpose in life without hope. You’ll never reach your full potential without hope.

Four years ago I went to a seminar that changed my life forever. That two day event marked a turning point and I’ve never been the same since. Some of you know the feeling. Would you like to know what I picked up at that seminar? HOPE

Hope like I never knew hope could be. Truth was revealed to me that weekend like I’d never seen it before and out of that truth came hope. An ancient phrase says, “the Truth shall set you free.” If Truth sets people free, what do you suppose lies do? 

Lies shatter hope. And the only thing that can destroy lies is Truth. My hope is to create a website here where you can discover a little truth one bite at a time. My goal will be to simply share the thoughts and ideas that have so greatly impacted my life in hope that they would do the same for yours. It doesn’t matter where you’ve been. It doesn’t matter where you’re from. Truth has the unexplainable ability to meet each of us where we are at and make a difference.

Are you willing to join me on the journey?

Thanks for stopping by, I HOPE you’ll check back soon!


7 thoughts on “Why Do We Need Hope?”

  1. i think this is a WONDERFUL website… i love the fact that it also helped me with my speech and i think that you have the complete message towards looking at or of the perspective of HOPE. thank you for your help —————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— – – – – – – CINDY L.

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